Searching physicality (2017—)

Visual research about marks on bodily surfaces. In progress. Reasearch paper to follow.

Procession of Disappearance (2018)
Film in progress

Artist in Residence programme by Spazju Kreattiv, Malta.

Group project with Maria de la O Garrido, Lena Heubusch, Célia Hay, Candice Japiassu, and Stephanie Sant

In the Procession of Disappearance we celebrate the ephemeral nature of fragile elements that we have foraged in Gozo during our two-week residency. We see disappearance as a part of the continuation of the island itself, for better or for worse. There are strong examples of where Gozo was at before – the thousands of fossils lacing the floors, the rocks and some benches are evident of its submerge past. These fossils, met with the overwhelming presence of plastic show how differing timelines overlap. The collective anxiety of such suffocating forces that are threatening our environment motivated the work we have created. These landscapes gave us a strong potential for creating our own mythology and narrative. It’s a mythology that we envisage as a more personal and poetic gesture towards this environment rather than by creating a dogma. We look at rituals as ways of connecting with the island. We thought about the processions, as they are very present rituals in the Maltese calendar. Through this performative act of walking, while enduring the strong gale we carried out an offering to nature. By filming the procession alongside the various rituals, we enable our project to branch out beyond the residency. 

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Scyphozoa, Part I (2017)
Video: 1‘23“

The pulsating movement of the jellyfish resembles the pumping heart. The film explores the attributes of the jellyfish movements. Performed by Daniela Marcozzi.

There where you are absent (2016) 

顾佳途, Vice: 现实体验和通过屏幕实现的虚拟感受之间的冲突,让她对这种无法在现实中触碰的虚拟空间产生了兴趣,特别是由此带来的这种多样变异的虚拟感受——比如视频通话时产生的奇异的角度和奇怪的构图

Skype portraits  (2015–16)

Screenshots taken during video calling were exposed onto photographic film and processed in the darkroom as analogue black/white photographs. The project addresses the materialisation of digital presence. 

Presence in space (2015) Installation: 35mm slides

Jovin Barrer, kolt.ch:

"Hier bist du jetzt. Wo? – Vorm Display. Im Netz. Nee, an der JKON, bzw. in den subjektiven Sichtweisen, dieses Schreiberlings. Aber eigentlich doch im Büro, auf der Couch, im Zug. Naja, auf kolt.ch bin ich drauf, oder häng‘ halt drin. Die Lichtinstallation „Presence in Space“ von Pearlie Frisch setzt sich mit virtuellen Begegnungszonen auseinander. Die Gegenüberstellung von körperlicher und geistiger Wahrnehmung bettet die Künstlerin in einen multimedialen Kontext, sodass die Frage nach meinem momentanen Aufenthaltsort einen philosophischen Beigeschmack kriegt."

Being there and not there Part I + II  (2015) 

The project is about a setup or given perception, presence within the world and the illusion of physical presence on a screen (mirror).

Being present. Here and there. (2015) 

Two iPads mounted on stands each facing a mirror. Both iPads would be on video call with each other in two different spaces of the gallery. Viewers could see themselves inside mirror and also on screen of the other iPad due to video calling (and the other iPad facing a mirror).

I am there (2015) 

Before the exhibition opening the space (The Russian Club, London, UK) was photographed and printed onto a banner. The print was then mounted in the gallery space. The visitors could see the view image of the room they were in through a mirror hung opposite the print.

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